Tennessee American Provides Water Quality Reports Online

ABC Channel 9 News in Chattanooga, Tennessee, recently reported that the Tennessee American Water company has begun making its annual water quality reports available to customers online. The reports (known as “Customer Confidence Reports” or CCRs) detail water samples taken, what they were tested for, the amount of each substance that was present in the water, and the general allowable “safe” range of each substance as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Having these water quality reports available on the Tennessee American Water website makes them more accessible—and therefore more likely to be viewed—by homeowners. Tennessee American Water provides water services to 390,000 people in Tennessee and northern Georgia.

Many individuals across the country are not aware that water companies are required to provide these water quality reports or Customer Confidence Reports to all customers. This page on the EPA website can help you find your report. In order to ensure your water is safe and you are filtering it correctly, a good starting point is seeing what’s in your water.