E1-Connect System

About the E1 Connect System

E1 Integrated Bypass, Meter & Drain Connection System for Cartridge Tank®

This new E1-Connect System is an alternative to the 1¼” female glue socket connection that has been offered as the connection solution to the Cartridge Tank® for years, and will be available to be used with all POE (Point-of-Entry) filters in the BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and WHITE filtration series.

Say goodbye to small and inefficient housings. Get rid of expensive stainless steel housings. The ENPRESS Cartridge Tank® is a direct replacement for small and inefficient 2½” or 4½” housings, or expensive Stainless Steel cartridge housings, and offers extended service and life, and a more cost-effective and efficient filtration solution.

Utilizing ENPRESS’ patented industry exclusive liner design and no tools necessary snap-ring design; Full radial seal top and bottom caps make replacement simple. Cartridge Tank® makes it easy to access and remove the internal filtration solution.

Lightweight and cost effective with multiple configuration options, from high flow commercial/industrial applications to stand-alone residential Point-of-Entry (POE) installations for city and well water applications, this is the filtration solution of the future…100% non-metallic! The Cartridge Tank® is a high performance, NSF 44 listed device and has been tested to 150 psi operating pressure with 4:1 Burst Safety Factor.

It’s easier than ever to install and maintain the ONE Cartridge Tank® Filtration System with the all new E1-Connect. It features an Integrated Bypass, as well as a Meter & Drain Connection System.

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