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Massachusetts Grant For Small Town PFAS Protection

States have been taking independent action to protect their population against PFAS for several years now, as they await the 2024 EPA ruling on the forever chemicals. This began with many states setting their own maximum-contaminant limits, as the original limits were far too forgiving. Massachusetts was one of these states, bringing the limit down to 20 ppt (parts-per-trillion). However, this alone is not enough. The next step for the state’s water quality comes in the form of supporting smaller suppliers throughout the state and new testing requirements.

The testing requirements ensure the safety of public water systems, keeping a close eye on public health at all times. The grants go out to water suppliers of smaller groups, like schools and churches. These grants total more than $1 million, allowing some suppliers to install new treatment mechanisms or reimbursing those who have already made the change. This action plan ensures that the state will not only be staying aware of forever chemicals’ spread, but actively slowing it.


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