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Denver Reports Elevated Lead Levels in Drinking Water Since 2012

Count Denver, Colorado, among the rising number of cities facing a crisis as a result of elevated levels of lead in its tap water. This May 3 article from the Denver Post reveals testing found lead in the water of some homes as a result of lead pipe corrosion. A clash has now broken out amongst city and state officials around how to deal with the problem,

Here’s a brief summary of some of the information shared in the article:

  • In 2012, 13% of tap water samples taken in Denver showed lead levels exceeding the federal standard of 15 parts per billion (ppb)
  • Subsequent tests showed some homes with levels from 7-13 ppb and less than 10% of homes above the 15 ppb limit
  • There are an estimated 58,000 lead pipelines in Denver between water mains and homes that need to be replaced
  • This year, federal officials ordered the injection of orthophosphate, a chemical to slow lead corrosion, into the Denver water supply
  • Denver Water claims the chemical could “harm humans and hurt the South Platte River basin, worsening algae blooms and increasing the cost of cleaning wastewater”
  • The parties are now tied up in a legal battle to determine what action will be taken

Lost in the middle of all this: Denver homeowners whose water may be at risk for lead contamination. Individuals worried about potential lead in their water may want to consider having their water tested and using a filter with the ability to eliminate lead, like the PIONEER whole home lead and cyst water filtration system.

Read the full article detailing the fight to address elevated lead levels in Denver tap water

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