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Lead Concerns Lead Chicago Parks to Shut Down Outdoor Drinking Fountains

With recent reports about elevated lead levels in Chicago’s tap water, the news now emerges that the Chicago Park District plans to shut down and/or remove many of the city’s 1,250 outdoor drinking water fountains. According to the Chicago Tribune:

  • 500 drinking fountains tested safely for lead, were flushed this spring, and will be active this summer
  • Of the 750 other water fountains that tested for lead, some of the drinking fountains in high-traffic areas will be turned on to run continuously to increase the safety of the water
  • Water fountains with elevated levels of lead in lower traffic areas will be turned off or removed

According to Dan Cooper, director of environmental services for the Chicago Park District, quoted in the Chicago Tribune article: “not all city parks are being used the same way they were 50 years ago—it isn’t imperative to have a water fountain in every remote corner of every park. Many people who need water while at a park will bring their own water bottle with them,”

You can read the full article about Chicago Park’s response to lead concerns here 

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