Looking for a Wedding Gift? Consider a Water Filter

Though the spring and fall have their fair share of weddings, summer is generally considered “wedding season”. With warmer weather and more abundant sunshine, the months of June through September are when people typically tend to get the most wedding invites. And with those invites comes the question of what to get the newly married couple (or couples) as a gift.

A recent post on Curbed made the unique suggestion of giving a water filter as a wedding gift. With so much talk and concern about water contamination these days—from lead to PFAS to bacteria to a wide variety of other potential contaminants—this seems like a pretty interesting idea. As the Curbed post notes, “nothing says ‘I care about your health and well-being’ more than a device whose sole function is purifying a life-giving substance for consumption”.

The filters suggested as gifts in the Curbed piece are primarily eye-catching countertop filters (which the author notes are not long-term solutions for substantial water issues). But you could also consider something more effective and long-lasting if you really wanted to give the gift of clean water to a pair of newlyweds.

For example, if you’re the parents of a couple moving into their first home, one gift idea you could consider is a whole-home water filtration system that removes contaminants like lead, PFAS, chlorine, chloramine, and cysts. Rather than just addressing the problem at one tap, this system cleans all the water as it comes into the home. What better gift for a newly married couple than the peace of mind that comes with safe, healthy water?