Arizona Governor Requests Federal Help with Groundwater Contamination

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has called on the federal government for assistance with water treatment. Groundwater contamination was discovered in the area near four separate military bases in Phoenix and Tucson. Once again citing firefighting chemicals for the contamination, this stems as another instance of potential-PFAS contaminants endangering citizens. The at-risk military bases include Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Luke Air Force Base, former Williams Air Force Base, and the Arizona Air National Guard base.

Groundwater contamination from PFAS sources like firefighting foam has become increasingly prevalent in recent memory. Installations have raised concerns over contaminants in their vicinity before, and have approached the issue in many ways. Governor Ducey’s goal is to receive help from the federal government with identification and treatment of the groundwater chemicals. Therefore he has written to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin with hopes that he may offer such help. 

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