Arsenic and Uranium Discovered in Private Wells in Connecticut

A study conducted in Connecticut last November discovered distressingly high levels of arsenic and uranium in private wells. The study included 2,000 different wells, and produced concerning results. 4.7% of all of the wells contained uranium concentrations beyond the CDC’s recommendations. 3.9% contained arsenic levels that also exceeded safe measures. The belief is that some of these wells are becoming contaminated due to use of fertilizer or industrial waste. Both contaminants are linked to health issues like cancer risk or kidney disease.

A supervisor with the Connecticut Department of Public Health urged citizens to test their wells in a statement to Newsweek. He said “any private well in Connecticut has the potential to have elevated arsenic or uranium. Private well owners should have their well water tested at least once for these contaminants”. The department recommends any landowner that discovers contaminants in their well should find an alternative as soon as possible. Either through changing water sources or installing a treatment system, it is essential to stay safe. 

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