What Are the Benefits of Using a Whole Home Water Filter?

Many homeowners are not aware that they actually have two types of options when it comes to water filtration: Point of Use (PoU) and Point of Entry (PoE). Point-of-use filters are what people are most familiar with—they filter water from where you use it. These are pitcher filters or ones that attach to the faucet of your sink. Fewer homeowners are aware of point-of-entry filters—which can actually be more beneficial. These filters clean the water as it enters into a home. These are also known as “whole home” water filters.

What are some of the key benefits of using a whole-home water filtration system instead of a PoU filter? Here are a handful:

  1. Clean, filtered water throughout your home. So you’re not just getting the best water in one place, but everywhere—bathtubs and showers, washing machines and dishwashers, all the sinks. All that water will have potentially harmful contaminants removed.
  2. Less replacing filters. In order for water filters to work effectively, they need to be replaced consistently. If not, they’re not doing anything helpful for your water. Problem is, those pitcher and sink filters need to be replaced a lot (every few weeks)—which can be a real inconvenience. Whole-home filters need to be replaced far less frequently.
  3. Peace of mind. Even if you’re filtering water from your kitchen sink, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting it in your mouth when you shower or your kids aren’t drinking it from another faucet in the house. So how much good is that filter really doing? With a whole-home filter, you can rest easy knowing all your water is going through the same filtration process.

Learn more about the benefits of whole-home water filtration by visiting our One Water Filtration Simplified website. You can even get a whole-home filtration system specifically designed to remove lead.