3 Key Benefits of a Whole-Home Water Filtration System

So should you consider a whole-home water filtration solution? Here are three great reasons a whole-home system may be the best choice for your water-filtration needs:

1. You get filtered water everywhere in your home

With a whole-home solution, clean water doesn’t just come from one tap in one room. It comes out of every tap. That means the water in your bathroom (sink, tub, shower) and in your washing machine, in addition to the tap in your kitchen. So if you’re worried about water quality in more than just your drinking water, the whole-home system is a good option.

2. You get increased convenience and efficiency

Rather than changing water filters on a bunch of different things (pitchers, faucet, refrigerator) or buying bottled water every week, you worry about just one filter (which may need to be changed anywhere from every three months to every year depending on your system and water usage).

Whole-home systems are also nice because they remain out of sight. Instead of having a pitcher taking up space in your fridge or an apparatus on your faucet, you have a filter working invisibly behind the scenes providing you piece of mind.

3. You very well may get cleaner water

Depending on the type of water you have and the impurities you’re trying to remove, a whole-home water filter can be a better, more powerful option—delivering you cleaner water than what you would get using a point-of-use (POU) filter. Of course, the best approach is to have your water tested first so you know exactly what you’re trying to remove.