British Columbia Considers New Well Treatment in District of Barriere

Recently, the city council of The District of Barriere, British Columbia considered implementing a new water well as signs of the current well, Deep Well 2, did not look good. According to an article written by the North Thompson Star/Journal, the city council considered “rehabbing” Deep Well 2, a Well created in 1997. It quickly moved away from the idea after staff members said it “had only a slim chance of success.” While the Utilities Manager, Ian Crosson, stated the water is okay to drink, it comes out of taps as “the colour of iced tea”. 

Crosson says that he and his staff are all concerned about the well as it has passed its expected life and is starting to show signs of failure. Officials plan to put this new well within the same aquifer to ensure the same amount of water can continue to be pumped out. 

Until then, city officials have put water restrictions into place throughout the district to preserve the remaining amount of use left within Deep Well 2. Residents will be fined if these policies are not followed.

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