Canadian researchers Create Free Water Quality Database

Freshwater sources such as lakes and rivers play an important role in ensuring our global water security. Information on these valuable water sources across the globe have been scarce over the years. But according to Oceanographic, researchers from York University in Toronto, Canada want to and have changed this by creating a free water quality database. This database is available to the public and contains information from 12,000 freshwater lakes around the world.

Studies compiled by these researchers focus on the chlorophyll levels present as they act as predictors which can reveal a lot about the water source. Along with Chlorophyll levels, YU researchers also noted the phosphorus and nitrogen levels which can not only tell readers the amount of chlorophyll present but also lake characteristics, climate date, etc.

Researchers are hoping this new database will be used to show which lakes and regions are doing worse with water quality, how the water quality has changed over the years, and which environmental factors are responsible for changes in water quality.

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