Chicago to Replace Lead Lined Water Pipes for Residents

Over the last few years, the city of Chicago has been faced with an increasing issue of harmful contamination within the city’s water supplies. The culprit? Lead-lined pipes. Because of this issue, residents who utilize the city’s water resources have faced major health concerns.   

In a recent report published by CBS Chicago, city officials announced a plan to replace lead lined pipes found throughout the city. Randy Conner, the commissioner of the city’s water department, stated that the cost of the city’s plan will likely cost between $8-$10 billion. Before these plans were revealed, residents were responsible for the removal of these contaminated pipes. In fact, the city was in the process of replacing old water meters but halted the project as the process may have contributed to further lead contamination.

The mayor of the city, Lori Lightfoot, expressed that the city will be looking for assistance from the federal or state government with this initiative.

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