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Critical Water Precautions for Pregnancy

It is well documented how contaminated water can cause issues for pregnant women and their unborn children. From issues during pregnancy to lower birth weights for newborns, it is essential that one remains aware of their water intake during pregnancy. However, it can be easy to grow complacent when you do not live in an area with widely-documented issues. When you live somewhere that has conducted significant testing and found contaminants in the water supply, you are ready to take action. From purchasing filters and bottled water, you are taking preventive measures to protect the child. However, these communities are only the ones where the contamination exceeds maximum contaminant levels. There will be plenty of other areas where there is contamination, but not enough to gain public attention.

Contamination of any level can be harmful during the course of pregnancy. While those living in highly contaminated areas are aware of the threat and take necessary measures, anyone on the fringe may not be aware. They may not be purchasing filters and bottled water to ensure clean drinking water, and the effects of the contaminants are still quite dangerous. Due to this, it is essential to have a water filter wherever you are. What seems like clean water may be just a few parts-per-trillion shy of that contaminant limit, and it is not worth taking that risk.


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