“Dark Waters” Movie Depicts Effects of DuPont’s Deadly Chemical Usage

“Dark Waters” is a movie based on a true story outlining Lawyer Rob Bilott’s (Mark Ruffalo) experience defending the people of West Virginia against DuPont de Normous Inc. DuPont is one of the world’s largest chemical companies whose PFAS chemicals have been infiltrating local water systems for years. PFAS are “forever chemicals” or chemicals that are unable to break down in nature. Once they’re in your blood, they’re there forever, and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry suggests that PFAS exposure may have negative health effects.

DuPont speaks on “Dark Waters” in a statement to the Washington Post:

 “DuPont is in the business of creating essential innovations the world needs today. Hollywood is in the business of telling stories. While seeking to thrill and entertain, these stories often stretch facts. Unfortunately, this movie claims to be ‘inspired’ by real events and appears to grossly misrepresent things that happened years ago, including our history, our values and science.” 


Watch the trailer for “Dark Waters.” 

Listen to Mark Ruffalo, Rob Bilott and Emily Donovan Speak about water contamination.