EPA Nominee Promises More “Urgency” in the Protection of U.S. Natural Resources

Michael Regan, the nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency, vowed to a senate committee to “stand up for environmental justice and equity” and wants to “move with a sense of urgency on climate change” if confirmed. An article from the Associated Press describes Regan as having many years of experience within the environmental field. Acting as the top environmental regulator in North Carolina and even spending 10 years of his career at the EPA. He also believes his personal experiences have also fueled his commitment to protecting our land and bodies of water.

Both parties regard Regan as “extremely qualified” and “the right person to lead EPA…”. Regan has also committed to bipartisanship when making important environmental decisions and expects to have healthy debates with colleagues on both sides of the table in an effort to further protect the natural resources of the U.S.

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