EPA Shares Toolkit to Help Reduce Children’s Exposure to Lead

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the independent federal agency responsible for protecting human health and the environment, recently released a toolkit to help schools, childcare facilities, states, and water systems reduce lead in their drinking water. The toolkit details what the agency terms the “3 Ts”—Training, Testing, and Taking Action—for establishing an effective program for recognizing, managing, and correcting water-lead problems.

The toolkit includes seven different “modules” filled with resources—from developing a communication plan to establishing a 3Ts program to conducting sampling and interpreting results. The toolkit web page also includes a checklist with 23 different items for facilities to consider when developing their 3Ts program and a trio of fact sheets for public water systems, child care facilities, and tribal schools.

You can find and download items in the 3Ts Toolkit on this page of the EPA website