Former Governor of Michigan Facing Charges For Flint Crisis

Former Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, along with a few other key personnel are all facing charges by the state for their handling of the Flint water crisis. According to the Associated Press, these possible charges may be coming due to a new investigation into the events of the recent water contamination of drinking water supplies within the city of Flint. As of right now, these charges have not been confirmed by the Attorney General as the investigation is still ongoing.

Residents such as LeAnne Walters, are relieved that action is being taken against these officials but feel it isn’t enough. “The very fact that people are being held accountable is an amazing feat. But when people’s lives have been lost and children have been severely hurt, it doesn’t seem like enough.” 

Since the crisis, the state of Michigan, the city of Flint, a hospital, and an engineering firm have all agreed to a settlement totaling $641 million dollars and is awaiting preliminary approval from the court.

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