From lead lines to bacteria treatment, new website shows public how NJ water utilities are doing

A new website called “Jersey Water Check” allows citizens to check on the quality of its city’s water system. This is the first website of its kind in the country. The website was created by a group called “Jersey Water Works”, an initiative to upgrade the city’s water system, which is in desperate need of over $25 billion dollars in repairs. Jersey Water Works made this website public in hopes of gaining more support and educating the public on the importance of infrastructure upgrades. The information gathered on this website comes from the Department of Environmental Protection and utility websites. 

Residents can see if their water providers met the requirements for protecting the water supply from bacteria, if there are lead service lines, and if it was resolved. Other important information such as the annual budget, and the amount households spend on water can be found on the website. This website is expected to benefit the customer by providing them with information, and improving the relationship between consumers and the utility company.