Harmful Forever Chemicals Are Found to Cause Harmful Reproductive Effects

Researchers have discovered that PFOA/PFOS can cause severe negative health effects within the human body. A recent study has also shown that PFOA/PFOS can make a significant impact on the reproductive systems of adult women. Water Online reports, a study conducted within a Minneapolis suburb showed female residents that consumed the water contaminated with the harmful chemicals showed signs of infertility, premature births, and low birthweight of babies born. Individuals who have peer-reviewed the study suggest that this is the first to establish a causal link between PFOA/PFOS and reproductive impacts. 

High levels of these dangerous chemicals can be found in countless water supplies across the United States. Although the Environmental Protection Agency has a recommended limit of PFOA/PFOS, there are still no legal limits to the amounts of these harmful chemicals allowed within water sources.

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