High PFOA/PFOS Contamination Found Within Wells of La Crosse

PFOA/PFOS continues to be discovered around the world in the drinking water of many communities. The french island, La Crosse, is the next area that is facing a growing issue of contamination by these harmful chemicals.

La Crosse Tribune recently reported that 40 wells on the island of La Crosse have high levels of PFOA/PFOS contamination present within them. Over 100 private wells had been tested and after conducting these tests, officials determined 40 areas hardest hit by the dangerous substances. Scientists believe this contamination stems from the use of a “fire foam” routinely used in training. After this massive discovery, researchers have been testing more vigorously along the island’s river to further pinpoint the origin of the chemicals.

In a community meeting residents expressed concern over this contamination discovery. The La Crosse Common Council gave residents a long-term plan that would help clean-up the water supplies in the community. But, they believe the chemicals can still contaminate any water supplies that have been treated. Additional testing is being completed as the community of La Crosse further tries to understand just how big the PFOA/PFOS contamination is within their drinking water.

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