How PFAS Can Reshape Water Treatment in The U.S.

Every year, we learn more and more about the dangers of PFOA/PFOS and just how prevalent they are within our water supplies. In an article published by Aqua Tech, they stated that, Over the last seven decades, these chemicals have been used without any known consequence in commercial, industrial, and military settings. However, we soon learned of the harmful health effects that these chemicals can cause within the human body. Prompting the removal and reduced usage of PFOA/PFOS within these different sectors. As of this year, there have been over 2,000 sites within the U.S. that are confirmed to have some level of PFOA/PFOS contamination with the expected clean-up of these harmful chemicals to take many more decades and billions of dollars.

As we discover more sites of PFAS contamination, the more we are able to see the extent of this PFAS “iceberg”. As more states tighten regulations of PFOA/PFOS contamination, advanced technologies may emerge to help solve this challenge within the U.S.

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