Madison Prepares to Vote on New Water Filtration System

Madison, Wisconsin eyes a new filtration system to clean their wells of PFAS as well as other deadly chemicals. An investigation from last year discovered 22 wells were contaminated on some level. One well was even contaminated with PCE and TCE as well, heightening the need for an effective filtration system. The investigation also involved studying treatment methods, granular activated carbon and ion exchange resin. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, it was determined that carbon filtration would be the preferred solution.

Implementation of the system would cost the city somewhere between $670,000 and $875,000. Operational costs could climb as high as $700,000 per year, leaving city officials with an important decision. The utility board is set to make a decision on the matter the same day as they are to vote to appoint a new utility manager. Krishna Kumar, a former utility manager from California would receive a five year contract with the city. If appointed, he will be the one to oversee the procedures as the new treatment system is implemented. The utility board’s vote will determine the future of Madison and its water supply.

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