Maryland Plans to Increase PFAS Testing on Water Supplies and Oysters

As we learn more about the dangers of PFOA/PFOS chemicals and their harmful effects on the human body, public concern also grows in communities across the US. In response, the state of Maryland has announced that they will be conducting testing on drinking water supplies and oysters in the Chesapeake Bay area. 

In an article written by The Baltimore Sun, they highlighted the state’s plan to test 1,000 water samples thanks to the $300,000 grant the EPA had given to the state. Public outcry to conduct more state testing had been growing since research of the harmful side effects that PFAS may cause. Studies conducted into PFAS have shown they may cause multiple body dysfunctions, tumor growth, and more. Among the concerned citizens, Pat Elder, had conducted a few water tests and found 14 different kinds of PFAS present. Elder also exclaimed “The Europeans are way ahead of us because they understand the impact on human health.”

Initial testing, that was supposed to take place earlier this year in Maryland was disrupted by the Coronavirus outbreak, will help investigators pinpoint where to conduct more rigorous testing later this year.

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