Military Sites See a Surge of PFAS in Water Supply

Approximately, over 650 military sites have been confirmed to be contaminated with toxic PFAS. This shocking news comes from an article published by The Hill. Also known as “Forever Chemicals”, PFAS have been linked with numerous health risks and are able to persist in both the environment and human bodies for an extended period of time. PFAS can be found in both household products and a military used “Fire Foam”.

Over the last few years the military has been trying to remove these harmful chemicals from the military sites. Each site is still being evaluated to see if:

  1. There are any signs of contamination.
  2. What the extent of the contamination might be. 

The House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Adam smith stated “It is critical that the department provide communities with timely assessments of these sites.” and they must “…quickly act to protect civilians and service members alike from these forever chemicals.”

For the time being, bottled water and filters have been provided to affected areas. Blood tests will be given to Department of Defense (DOD) firefighters that regularly used the military “fire foam”.

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