Mississippi Communities are Facing an Infrastructure Crisis

As southern communities continue to fight the effects of the powerful winter storm, the people of Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding rural areas continue to fight a decades long issue. According to Gizmodo, The effects of the winter storm had only worsened an already bad situation for the Jackson, Mississippi community. Boiling water advisories, weak water pressure, and power outages are just some of the increasing daily issues that residents must face. However, boiling water advisories is not a new issue for residents, as infrastructural problems have plagued predominantly black communities in Mississippi. 

Currently, community leaders are seeking funding to help alleviate these issues that constantly bombard residents. Officials remarked that “without funding and support, both systems are bound to fail the people they’re supposed to serve again. Funds from the WATER Act are anticipated by the community to help them fix these issues and help bring stable and healthy drinking water to the community.

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