Missouri Schools Are Now Able to Test Water For Lead Contamination

On July 2nd, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed two different pieces of bipartisan legislation. One of these, most importantly, would allow schools within the state to test its water supplies for lead contamination. According to the Missourinet, this new water testing bill was passed by the Missouri state senate by a 25-4 vote and a house vote of 108-34. The new bill will allow schools, built before 1996, to send water samples of their supplies to state approved laboratories. 

Governor Parson stated, when asked about the signing of this new bill, that “Water is just so essential to us…everything we utilize has water involved in it.” On top of the approved water sample testing, both Missouri state schools and the Missouri state Health Department and Senior services, will be able to use funds allocated from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The funds, over $700,000, will be primarily used to support schools who wish to conduct testing of their building’s water supplies. If these samples test over the standard of the EPA, school districts are required to notify the parents of students who are enrolled within the district.

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