New Hampshire Governor Signs Bills For Stricter PFAS Limits

PFAS limits within drinking water supplies are going to be further restricted with a new bill signed by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire. In late July, Governor Sununu signed bills that will greatly support the removal of harmful contaminants, such as PFAS, from the drinking water supplies across the state. 

In an article published by nhpr, Democrats approved of the signing of the bill while few business groups were against the new legislation. This new bill is supposed to bypass a lawsuit that the Department of Environmental Services (DES) is involved in and will help them maintain standard levels through annual reevaluations.

Along with setting a limit of PFAS, these bills also provide funds to cover compliance costs for both utilities and municipalities. Additionally, it requires that individuals, who receive a blood test for PFAS, be covered by insurance.

Other proposals have been made to further support the removal of contaminantss within communal water supplies but have not made their way to the Governor.

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