New Jersey Cracks Down on PFAS In Drinking Water Supplies

One of the hardest hit states with the contamination of harmful substances such as PFOA/PFOS in their drinking water supplies has just implemented strict policies in an effort to remove/reduce them. According to an article by Water Online, New Jersey, a heavily populated state, is starting to crack down on the treatment of their water supplies by industrial companies within the state. In fact, New Jersey is one of the states most affected due to the industrial companies activities within the state.

Currently, the EPA recommends a standard level of PFOA/PFOS at 70 parts per trillion but it does not legally enforce this standard. In effect, New Jersey and most states in the US have started setting their own. If utility operators cannot meet the strict levels of PFOA/PFOS allowed by the state, they will have to implement more treatment systems or use a different water source.

However, utility companies within New Jersey have been making an effort to reduce PFOA/PFOS in local water supplies before the strict limits were put into place. The new regulations merely help formalize and standardize the efforts to all utilities within the state.

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