New Jersey Launches New Online Water Tool For Residents

New Jersey has been doing its part to keep the state’s drinking water sources clean and healthy for residents. In fact, the state wants every resident to stay and be informed on the updates and processes being made in an effort to keep the drinking water safe. Enter Jersey Water Check, an online tool produced to keep residents informed with accurate and insightful information related to their drinking water, according to a report released by NJ Spotlight News. Developed by Jersey Water Works, this online tool is supposed to help residents easily find information on how their water is treated and its readily available at all times in a user friendly format.

Previously, information related to drinking water within the state was very hard to access and had to be obtained through the Department of Environmental Protection. This new tool will allow residents to access info such as the protective services applied to drinking water sources along with historical cost data.

State officials hope this new tool will streamline the process of finding new information as well creating more public awareness around the drinking water provided.

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