New Mexico’s Environment Department Focused on Cleaning Up PFAS Contamination

Over the last few years, water testing has allowed us to trace areas of heavy contamination within public drinking water supplies. Now, The Environmental Department of New Mexico is utilizing more of this testing to determine where, if any, other communities or areas of the state are heavily affected. This comes after a high level of PFAS contamination was discovered at the Cannon and Holloman Air Force Bases.

In a news release from Everything Lubbock, the Environment Department is conducting water tests  across the state to see if any other communities or fresh water sources were affected by this contamination. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has yet to set a legal limit of PFAS present within drinking water. According to the EPA, anyone who drinks 70 parts per trillion of these harmful chemicals over the course of their lifetime can suffer from negative health risks.

New Mexico’s Environment Department is also working with the U.S. Geological Service and will further develop its plan to contain the PFAS outbreak based on their findings.

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