New Ohio Regulations Require Notification of Work on Lead Water Lines

It has been found that when corroded lead water lines are disrupted during service line repairs or replacements, lead particles have the potential to get into the water supply and affect an area’s drinking water.

Because of this potential for contamination when work is done on or around water service lines made from lead, Dayton Daily News reports the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently unveiled new regulations requiring water systems to notify local residents and businesses 45 days before any work is done. This give individuals in the area the chance to take precautions (like using water filters specifically design to remove lead) to ensure the safety of their water.

With millions of lead water service lines still in use throughout the United States, and more issues of lead contamination arising across communities, it’s likely we’ll see more states take steps like these to better inform residents of any potential hazards.

Learn more about the new Ohio guidelines and how partial service line replacements can elevate lead levels in drinking water.