New York’s Proposed “Water Violations” Plan May Not Be Tough Enough

“There’s no reason to delay or reduce public notification processes, nor to delay installing treatment systems when we know how toxic these chemicals are.” This was a statement from Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried. These comments are a part of the mounting criticisms toward New York state’s plan to allow water suppliers to avoid water violations for an extended period of time.

According to AP News, both democratic leaders and environmental activists are criticizing a plan introduced by New York lawmakers that would allow water suppliers to avoid formal violations for up to several years. Suppliers who are hit with a deferral, a warning from the state, are only required to let the public know about any water contamination every year instead of every three months.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office proposed these water standards late last year and was later approved by the state’s health commissioner. Spokespeople from the Governor’s office continue to reassure the critics that these new water standards are among the toughest proposed when compared to other states. Despite the criticism, Suppliers within the state of New York have started testing and cleaning up their water supplies. Leaders of these major suppliers also expressed that tougher restrictions could have very bad consequences for various water supplies in New York.

Even though many are criticizing this water violation plan, many environmental activists are applauding the state’s ongoing conversation on how to remove other industrial contaminants within the state.

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