No Improvement Made Toward Cleaner Water in England

England is facing a huge water quality issue within all of their water sources. In fact, in their article, BBC News claims that in 2016, 16% of the water sources within England were considered good. Since then, that figure has not diminished nor improved. 

England has been struggling to keep with their promise of providing 100% clean water supplies by the year 2027. Most of this is thanks to the chemical sewage discharge, farming, and industrial chemicals that are being dumped into the various rivers, lakes, and streams. The Environmental Agency’s Prime Minister admitted that “Water quality has plateaued since 2016” and went on to say “It isn’t good enough.” The Director continued to blame a lack of political will, investment, and department cuts as the reason for the slow improvement. For now, The Environmental Agency is hoping to improve at least three quarters of all water sources throughout England and get them back to their natural state.

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