Officials Secure Funds to Clean Up Contamination Within Military Sites

Over the years, testing water supplies has shown us areas in the U.S. affected by the harmful forever chemical, PFOA/PFOS. Some of these sites include a handful of military bases, which are currently trying to alleviate the situation by providing bottled water and other methods in an effort to protect personnel. However, an article by the NGWA shows that they may soon be able to tackle this problem directly. 

A total of $200 million has been set aside for military bases around the U.S. to help clean up any PFOA/PFOS contamination. This will officially be included in the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Appropriations bill for the fiscal year of 2021. Brian Snelten, of the NGWA Government Affairs Committee, stated “This funding is a good step forward in remediating these sites and hopefully controlling the spread of PFAS to their surrounding communities.” 

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