ONE Water Filtration Simplified® POU SERIES Housings & Filters

Unlike competitive systems, the filter housing is reusable once the internal cartridge has reached its useful life, therefore saving the environment from wasted disposal of plastic housings. These high capacity/high flow filters all with low pressure drop, and featuring Direct Connect™ installation, to connect directly to the kitchen or bathroom cold water faucet for full flow filtration…eliminate the need for an “extra faucet”. The systems feature two housing sizes, multiple bracket options, quarter turn release mechanism that shuts off the water supply for easy maintenance, and can flow up to 4 GPM (15.1 LPM).

Four different filtration series are available:

  • CBC: 5 micron nominal Coconut Shell Carbon filters for chlorine, taste and odor
  • CYL: Coconut Shell Carbon filters with lead and cyst reduction, along with scale prevention
  • AMB: AquaMetix® block that has the highest retention of organic and inorganic substances, heavy metals, chlorine, nitrogen, ammonia, urea, and chloramines.
  • NF: NanoAl™ PAC (Green Series Cartridge Tank® filters) with submicron filtration


ENPRESS Cartridge Tank® is a direct replacement for small and inefficient 2.5” or 4.5” housings, or expensive Stainless Steel cartridge housings, and is an NSF 61 listed device. SEVEN filtration series options are currently available: Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, White, Red, and Purple. Each “series” offers unique filtration capacities and flow rates from residential requirements up to 150gpm. Cartridge Tank® is specifically designed for Residential, Light Commercial, and Commercial Point-of-Entry (POE) installations and applications. The patented and patent pending ENPRESS Cartridge Tank® filtration system features an easy to access top and bottom opening for use with multiple filtration connections and solutions, in a lightweight and cost effective package. With multiple configuration options, this is the filtration solution of the future…100% non-metallic!


ONE – Water Filtration Simplified™


ENPRESS LLC is a worldwide leading manufacturer of composite pressure vessels for use in water treatment. The exclusive co-polymer polypropylene liner formulation provides superior performance in both hot and cold temperature environments, along with superior chemical, impact, and abuse resistance. ENPRESS vessels are manufactured with an industry exclusive liner design and formulation that offer superior benefits and features…100% Made in the USA. More information is available on the company’s website at or by calling l-866-859-9274.