PFAS, A Man-made Poison Found Everywhere and in Everyone

PFAS or PFOA/PFOS, also known as Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances is a mad-made poison that resides in virtually everyone. It was created in an effort to make our lives easier even though later it was found to have dangerous effects on the health of anyone who consumed it. These dangerous chemicals can be found in products such as: Non-stick sprays/products, water-resistant materials, and more items commonly found in a typical household. Ever since these chemicals were discovered, scientists have discovered links between them and a list of serious diseases including kidney cancer and thyroid disease. However, recent evidence shows that PFOA/PFOS can cause damage to other natural processes such as child birth. 

In their article, New College News suggests that these industrial companies should be held accountable for the prevalence of these dangerous chemicals in our communities today.

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