PFAS Levels on the Rise Again in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s water is refilling with PFAS after its all time low of 2 ppt (parts per trillion) in April of 2019. According to MLive, tests from October revealed the level of PFAS increased to 25-29 ppt in the city’s drinking water. Most of this water comes from the Huron River, which has increased to 40 ppt. Out of the 24 PFAS chemicals Ann Arbor tests the Huron River for, five were found in the city’s drinking water including: 

  • PFBA – 5.5-7.3 ppt
  • PFBS – 1.8-2.3 ppt
  • PFPeA – 8.3-11 ppt
  • PFHxA – 3.9-5.5 ppt
  • PFHpA – 3.8-4.7 ppt

Although the city is unsure where the contamination is coming from, Daniel Brown, from the Huron River Water Council, says “Ann Arbor is so far a best-case scenario for how you get on top of a problem, manage a problem and reduce contaminants, but there are systemic things that need to change.”