PFAS Likely To Increase The Risk of Severe Covid-19 Symptoms

The Covid-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of our global health challenges and has changed a lot about how we view our health today. Currently, researchers are conducting more studies to learn more about how it affects the human body. In fact, research shows that harmful contaminants found within drinking water, food packaging, and other frequently used items, can severely affect how susceptible someone may be to chronic illnesses, including the fairly new Covid-19 disease. Additional factors such as environmental quality factors also play a crucial role in an individual’s susceptibility. 

In an article published by The Conversation, states that chemicals such as endocrine-disrupting compounds or EDCs play a major role in weakening immune systems. These EDCs can weaken the immune system because of their ability to mimic natural hormones when inside of the human body. Hormones are an essential part of our body as they are responsible for a lot of our bodily functions and maintain our overall health. 

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