Sacramento Drought Leads to “Dirt Taste” in Local Water

The water in Sacramento has not tasted right lately. People throughout the city have submitted complaints that their water has tasted bitter and dirty. The city officials have admitted that the water hasn’t been tasting its best, but insist it’s safe to drink. This has been another symptom of the drought in the west, which has slowly dried up Sacramento reservoirs. It has additionally impacted the snowfall on mountains, which would ordinarily help fill the reservoirs. 

The Californian governor declared a state of emergency in 41 counties across the state, urging citizens to conserve water. One state official made plain the situation in a statement to CNN.We are asking people to reduce their water use, and we recognize this can create hardships. However, it’s imperative that we manage the water we still have carefully as we prepare for months, perhaps even years”. The loss of good-tasting drinking water has made people appreciate what they’ve been given. 



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