Studies Show High Arsenic Contamination in Correctional Facilities

A recent study that looked into the water supplies of correctional facilities within the United States has turned up some troubling results. According to a recent article by Water Quality Products, Correctional Facilities in the Southwestern US tested for high amounts of arsenic contamination within their water supplies. 

Out of all the correctional facilities that were tested for drinking water contaminants, more than a quarter were found to have their average arsenic levels exceeding the limits of the EPA’s required level. About 2.2 million individuals incarcerated within these facilities are at risk of a number of chronic diseases because of the contamination.

In its concluding remarks, the study states “Strict enforcement of EPA regulations and additional technical and financial support for CWSs serving correctional facilities in the Southwest is necessary to protect the health and human rights of incarcerated persons.” In addition, one researcher Anne Nigra continued to stress the findings of the study and stated “People who are incarcerated have a right to safe drinking water.”

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