What To Do If You’re Worried About Lead in Your Water

A 2016 survey found that 43% of Americans suspect their tap water may be unsafe. That statistic comes from a recent Popular Science article exploring how individuals can go about testing water for lead, and how the different options stack up.

The article notes that some states like New York offer water testing kits for free and you can buy water testing kits for as low as $15 at hardware stores or from online retailers like Amazon. Popular Science testing found both these options provide similar results.

Once you determine what, if anything, is in your water, you can then seek out the appropriate solution. In many cases, the best option is some form of filtration. As this LifeHacker article notes:

“For environmental and cost reasons, filtration is a better bet than switching to bottled water. Whatever style of filter you use—pitcher, under-the-sink, in-fridge, etc.—you want to make sure it’s certified to filter the contaminants you’re concerned about.”