The EPA Adopts New Lead Contamination Regulations in 2020

Right at the end of 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided this past Monday to adopt a series of new rules that will further take control of lead contamination within the drinking water supplies of communities across the U.S. An article from The Wall Street Journal, states that these new regulations are “the first major regulatory update of its kind in nearly 30 years.

Some of the new rules include mandatory testing of drinking water supplies of schools and childcare centers by water utility companies and to notify customers of high levels of lead contamination within 24 hours of it being discovered. 

The EPA has decided to take action against lead contamination due to the high levels of lead contamination found within the last few years across the U.S. While the administration admits there is no safe level of lead contamination, law requires the agency to set feasible standards.

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