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The Impact of PFAS on Freshwater Fish

Fishing is a national pastime, but for some it is also an important source of food. While fishing has been around since the dawn of time, a recent contaminant has made that activity far more questionable. PFAS leak into water sources across the country and make that water hazardous to drink. Any contaminated glass of water can leave the forever chemical in your system for the rest of your life. However, the consequences are far worse to those who fish for sustenance. 

Eating a fish that came from a PFAS-contaminated water source is the equivalent of drinking PFAS-contaminated water for a month. Additionally, due to a lack of federal ruling, safety notices for contaminants are inconsistent across the U.S. This means that those living in states with lax regulations around the forever chemicals may be unwittingly consuming hazardous chemicals. News organizations work hard to keep communities informed, but without federal support, thousands will continue to endanger themselves.


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