The Saginaw River May Be a Huge Contributor to PFOA/PFOS in Bay City, MI

Over the course of 2020, officials from the state of Michigan will be looking for sources of PFOA/PFOS contaminants in the Saginaw River. This decision was made after two separate rounds of testing came back with contradicting results. This discovery was first reported by Michigan Live.

Since 1987, the Saginaw River has been an area of concern for the state as there has been known industrial contamination within its waters. However, recent tests show that the contamination levels at the Bay City Wastewater Treatment Plant are way higher than previously reported. Carol Injasoulian, an official from the wastewater plant stated “…we believe our source is the Saginaw River.”

These efforts of testing the Saginaw River comes after three years of the state making the water contamination issue its top environmental and public health priority. At least 1.9 million Michigan residents are being exposed to the harmful PFOA/PFOS chemicals through their drinking water. In total, officials have discovered at least 10 PFAS sites throughout their investigation so far. Each of these contaminated sites drain into the Saginaw River.

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