Tucson Treatment Plant Pledged $2 Million from Arizona Governor

Arizona governor Doug Ducey has promised $2 million to help restart the Tucson Airport Remediation Plant (TARP). This comes roughly one year after the plant shut down due to high levels of groundwater contamination. Arizona stands at risk of droughts impacting their water supplies, and the governor had this in mind when setting to restore the plant. They know that it would be impossible to cover every contamination issue by themselves, so there have been requests for federal assistance. Namely, officials called on the DOD to handle any contamination issues taking place on or stemming from their properties. 

The focus on improving the water quality within Tucson has been stellar for relations between local and state government. However, dissatisfaction with the federal response remains. Mayor Romero said that the Tucson citizens are not responsible for the PFAS and “should not be left to foot the bill”. The city alone has spent $8 million on their water quality. Aside from that, their only other avenue for funding is a lawsuit against PFAS producers.



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