3 Reasons to Test Your Home’s Water Quality

Despite all the news stories about lead and other contaminants getting into the water supplies of businesses, schools, and neighborhoods, most households haven’t had their tap water tested.

Given what we’re learning about water quality across the nation, having a home’s water tested can be a smart move to determine if there are any problems that need addressed or simply provide much-needed peace of mind.

A recent Real Simple article listed some key times when it makes good sense to have your home’s water tested. Here are three of them:

1. When you are pregnant or have children in the house

Contaminants like lead can have more negative health effects on children than adults.

2. If you notice changes in your water

If your water starts to look, taste or smell different that could signal the presence of a chemical contaminant.

3. If you have plumbing or construction work done

This type of work can knock things loose (like lead from pipes) and affect your water quality.

Read the full article from Real Simple for more tips on when and how to test your home’s water supply