Your Seltzer Water May Contain PFAS, According to A Report

In 2020, nothing is safe, including your seltzer water! In their article, Gizmodo claims that a recent consumer report discovered that the harmful “forever chemicals” were found in many popular regular bottled and seltzer water brands. These affected brands include La Croix, Canada Dry, Perrier along with others. PFAS are known to cause adverse health effects within the human body and can last a lifetime. 

Limits of these toxic substances vary depending on the regulatory agency, such as the EPA or the International Bottled Water Association. Some of these brands were found to have exceeded the limits put into place by three times the allowed amount of various harmful contaminants.

The discovery of harmful contaminants within seltzers adds the popular millennial drink to a growing list of other beverages that may also be harmful. This list includes diet sodas, juices, and even plant-based milks which may actually be harmful for our environment. 

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