Private Wells Are Also At Risk for Drinking Water Contaminants

While a lot of the attention these days is being paid to problems in public water systems caused by contaminants like lead and PFAS chemicals, private water wells are not immune to water contamination issues. They are just less highly publicized. That’s because well owners are responsible for testing their own water, and identifying and correcting any problems themselves.

According to the EPA, more than 13 million Americans get their water from private wells—and, unlike public water systems, the EPA does not regulate private wells. That means homeowners are on their own to ensure the water they are drinking is safe. And recent news stories are showing that isn’t always the case…

  • This article from the Hartford Courant reports that a homeowner in Glastonbury, Connecticut, had a private well water test reveal high levels of uranium, radon, and pesticide
  • This report published in the American Science & Technology Journal found that over 2 million homes with private wells may have high levels of arsenic in their water
  • This case study from the Environmental Science & Technology journal suggests lead contamination in private well water may be underestimated and unknown to many homeowners

If you are a homeowner with private well water, the best idea is to have your water tested so you know exactly what’s in it. Then you can correct or filter your water appropriately to ensure it is safe for your family.